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De Winter Diamond are the online experts for personalised and pre-owned jewellery.

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Diamonds are Forever

We all are familiar with the saying ‘Diamonds are Forever’.
Unfortunately, we live in a world where engagements and marriages are not always so!

All too often those who want to sell their engagement rings, wedding rings or other jewellery, are disappointed in how little - often only 30% of the purchase price - they get back from their local jewellers, pawn shops or online cash buyers.

Additionally, turning to a private buyer or seller online, can prove to be a real risk, as often the buyer has to pay before receiving the items purchased without the guarantee of receiving what they’ve paid for; the seller has to send the items, without the guarantee of receiving payment.

Why consider buying used jewellery? Pre—owned jewellery is just as beautiful as new jewellery, but often comes with a smaller price-tag. Unlike other merchandise that can be bought used, diamonds are almost impervious to being chipped or scratched. So a diamond that was cut, set and sold years ago will look just as beautiful as one that was cut and set yesterday.

De Winter Diamond is a secure online platform for those who want to sell or buy jewellery.

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