Buying jewellery on DWD is done in four easy steps:

Step 1: Browsing

Browse through the DWD marketplace to select an item.

Once you find something of interest simply click “ad to cart”.

By proceeding to checkout, you will be directly connected to our secure payment page.

Step 2: Purchasing

Once you purchase an item the seller has 7 days to ship or deliver the item to DWD.

Your payment will be held in escrow by DWD until the item is received and authenticated by our expert.

Step 3: Verification E-Mail

You will receive a verification e-mail when the item you’ve purchased has been received by DWD.

You will receive a second e-mail when the item has been authenticated.

At that point we will send the item to you and release the payment to the seller.

Step 4: Authentication

If during the authentication process DWD finds the item to be inconsistent
with its description you will be notified immediately.

You could continue with the process or make another offer. On the other hand you could ask for a complete refund.